Kamis, 04 September 2014

Honey face mask recipe

Honey face mask recipe How to remove acne one of which is by using a mask, and the mask of honey is the best solution because it is a natural material. How to make a honey mask is not difficult, you can use pure honey without any mixture as a mask or add other ingredients like yogurt, tea tree oil or rose water to get maximum results.

Honey is a natural ingredient has been used since the first. Honey is very good for skin care because it can provide a soothing effect for acne inflamed skin. This can happen because the honey is able to kill bacteria. Besides being able to cope with acne, honey can also be used to diminish acne scars blemishes.

Materials honey is also very good if the other ingredients are added so that we can get maximum results. Can not wait to make a variety of masks to treat acne use the basic ingredients of honey? Go see the review below as quoted from vemale.com.