Kamis, 04 September 2014

Benefits of lemon cucumber water

Benefits of lemon cucumber water If for mintnya unfortunately leaves, mint leaves remaining pulp can not be using that again. Fresh aroma also gone. But, if you want a creative, new mint leaves can be used as ice cubes.

It's easy, washed mint leaves, put one by one into a container of ice cubes, give water, enter the freezer. Wait a few hours, ready to be enjoyed with water, tea, lemon juice, orange juice, etc.. Even my husband never buy me a soda .. duh ... plus semriwing ...

Once again I remind you, because these natural ingredients, so do not demand could quickly result. Should be patient. But believe me, was really helpful for the body. Certainly proud of dong that 10 years from now we reunion and we look younger than other friends, healthier skin, firmer and more fresh! Plus .. husband feel at home ..