Rabu, 13 Agustus 2014

Benefits of honey mask for face

Benefits of honey mask for face Acne is a skin problem faced by many of the most disturbing and women around the world. But take it easy, you can treat acne with natural ingredients that are easily found, namely honey.

How to Make:

1 Wash the apples, remove the seeds, and cut up into small parts.
2 Enter the apple chunks into a blender or food processor.
3 Add the honey.
4 Mix the two ingredients until well blended.
5. Turn on the blender and wait 10 to 15 seconds.
6 Turn off the blender, put the apples and the honey mixture into the bowl.
7 Use as a face mask, avoiding the eyes.
8 Let stand for 15-20 minutes.
9 Rinse with cold water.
10 Pat with a clean towel to dry.

To ensure that this mask does not have a negative effect on the skin, you can try to rub it in your hands for a few moments. If there is no reaction such as hives or skin becomes red, you can immediately apply to your skin.