Selasa, 26 Agustus 2014

Benefits of green tea consumption

Benefits of green tea consumption A study to determine the effect of green tea on breast cancer conducted in Tokyo on a large scale, more than 50,000 women were included in this survey. The researchers claim that green tea consumption had no impact on breast cancer in other words, green tea has not been proven to help prevent breast cancer regardless of how much consumption and the types of green tea.
     Green tea is helpful to avoid blood sugar spikes caused by foods containing starch (carbohydrate).

Research on laboratory rats were given antioxidants found in green tea and simultaneously given foods containing carbohydrates (corn starch), these mice decreased approximately 50% in an increase in blood sugar than rats given only corn starch without antioxidant tea green (epigallocatechin).

That is for humans, green tea helps lower the rise in blood sugar spike caused when foods containing flour. In this case of course the addition of sugar to green tea should be avoided. A cup of green tea will be very helpful consumed after eating a piece of bread.

     A new finding in Switzerland showed that the clinical effects of green tea are promising for the improvement of cognitive disorder, memory, psychiatric disorders, and to improve the short-term adaptation of the brain.